Fantastic Fan Model 5000 RBT Roof Vent 12V Powered Fan | Dometic 802250 | 2250 series

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SKU: FTV802250
Fan-tastic Fan Model 5000 RBT Roof Vent 12V Powered Fan - Manual Lift | Dometic 802250 | 2250 series
  • Quiet 12 V ceiling fan with 3 speeds (low, medium, high)
  • Reverse switch sets the fan blade direction (OUT-exhaust or IN-intake)
  • Manual dome lifting knob
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Fits standard 14" x 14" openings
  • Polycarbonate dome
  • Removable screen for easy cleaning
  • Low amperage draw insures full-time use

This Fan-Tastic Vent roof has a built-in 12V fan that uses a thermostat to help maintain an even temperature inside your RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. The fan can also be controlled manually with the built-in hand knob or with the controls on the vent housing.


Air out your RV after cooking or bring cool air in to circulate air in your camper. Turn the speed knob on the vent housing to increase or decrease the fan speed. There are 3 speeds: low, medium, and high. This way, you can select the speed that you find most comfortable. Equipped with a thermostat so you can preset the fan to maintain a desired temperature inside your RV. The thermostat dial shows a range of temperature settings that are color-coded from dark blue to dark red. The fan's internal t-stat will sense the actual room temperature, and the fan will run until the preset temperature is achieved. When the temperature rises above the preset temperature, the fan will automatically kick on again.


This vent requires of 14 1/4" X 14 1/4" opening in your trailer's roof and ceiling. To replace an old vent, install this vent into the existing opening. If your roof does not already have a vent, you will need to mark and cut an opening between roof joists to install this unit. The 2-wire design makes it easy to have your vent hooked up and ready for use. This fan does not come with installation components, see below for installation kit options.

Additional Info

Fits roofs 2" to 4" thick
Garnish Height 4-1/2"
Rough Opening Size 14 1/4" X 14 1/4"
Vent Extends Above Roof 4-1/2" Closed / 11-1/2" Open
Power Source 12V DC
Fan Speeds 3
Air Flow Intake and Exhaust
Opening Style Manual


Brand Dometic Corp
Part status Active

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