N306.3 Black RV Refrigerator - 3-Way AC/DC/LP - 2.7 cu. ft. - Norcold N306.3R

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SKU: NT-N306.3R

p Norcold N306.3R is a 3-way RV refrigerator, perfect for those recreational vehicles with limited interior space. Highly versatile, N306.3R can run on AC, DC, or LP gas, offering you the flexibility you need while on the road. p p With a contemporary look, ergonomic controls, and easy to switch left- or right-hand door, N305.3R is an easy-to-use refrigerator. p p strongUnit dimensions:strong p ul liHeight: 29-34 in (75.6 cm) li liWidth: 20-12 in (52 cm) li liDepth: 21-38 in (54.3 cm) li liVolume: 2.7 cu. ft. (76.5 l) li liWeight: 61 lbs (27.7 kg) li ul p strongDoor dimensions:strong p ul liHeight: 25-1516 in (65.8 cm) li liWidth: 20-18 in (51.1 cm) li liDepth: 316 in (0.47 cm) li ul p strongHighlights:strong p ul li strongPERFORMANCE:strong Norcold N306.3R is a silent gas absorption refrigerator with no moving parts, for quiet operation li li strongDESIGN:strong Contemporary look with ergonomic controls and easy to switch left- or right-hand door li li strongFUNCTIONALITY:strong Adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperatures and varied uses li li strongCONVENIENCE:strong Control panel with flip-open cover, placed above the refrigerator door, for easy access li li strongUTILITY:strong 2.7 cu. ft. total volume includes refrigerator and freezer compartment li ul p Note: This refrigerator has a right-hand opening door. p



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